I work as a Marketing Manager for a chain of restaurants. So far, our organization had good experience with Google and Facebook ads. However having been exposed to Youtube advertisements for some time now, I had become quite a fan of using this media as a marketing tool. I did some research to put some facts together before I pitched it to my boss. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube and I can choose in which locations I want my advertisements to be focused. 

After a very long discussion, I finally convinced my boss to give it a try, however the condition was that the Youtube ad campaign would be squeezed within the current advertisement budget. With my options limited on the budget front, I brought an old pal of mine on-board who offered free-lance video making services. I explained to him our requirement for a catchy content to put the message “tasty home-style cooking” through to our customers while positioning ourselves as a premium service restaurant. He made a pretty good video and the tag line in the video seemed very promising and catchy. 

Next step was to choose my target audience. Everyone was a potential customer for our American comfort food restaurants. However, I chose foodies first and I chose the subcategory to be Classic American food. The reason was that serious foodies would be bloggers, critics etc. which would go out and write about our chain’s food. This would give us a second wave of marketing. I also made a careful selection of keywords on the same lines. The campaign began to generate some buzz in the first week, but by the end of the fifth week we were seeing some really good results. People were recognizing our restaurant by the tag line in the ads, the orders for items showcased in the ads certainly took a boost and 7 out of our 11 restaurants registered more than 30 percent increase in sales.

Our campaign strategy has received wide commendation and my boss couldn't be happier. He even sent me on a small paid vacation. I guess I have managed to turn him into a fan of Youtube ads as well.